Get the EFS discount fuel card from Open Roads and save a ton with the convenience and speed of  easy-access trucker fuel lanes!

Picture this: You're heading out for a week-long trip.  You've packed everything you can think of -- but you forgot to fuel up before you hitched up and left!

Now you've got to find a gas station and navigate through it with the length of your tow vehicle and travel trailer, or your class A or C and a Toad!

But what if you could open an app on your phone and find a nearby fuel station or truck stop that had enough space for semi's (and you!) to navigate through easily and straight-through fuel lanes that could fill up your truck in a MINUTE?!

You want the Open Roads app and their EFS fuel card!

You simply use the app to find a nearby participating station like a Love's, T/A, Speedway (some have truck lanes!) or others.  It'll show you the price at the pump and the price you pay -- we've seen it up to a whole dollar less!

The card is linked to the EFS system, and they debit your checking account for the proper discounted amount and a tiny convenience fee.

The pumps are super fast!  I've filled our Ford F-250 Super Duty truck's standard fuel tank with about 24 gallons in about ONE MINUTE!

Go ahead, sign up right here, it's quick and easy!