RV & Travel Gear

Below you'll find our faves.

These are items we highly recommend.  Some are considered needs, some are wants, but all are useful in your RV travels. Links may be affiliate links; this means we might earn a few pennies of referral commission, but you won't spend a penny more than usual.

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VIAIR RV Air Compressor Kit

Never leave home without it. Useful when prepping for travel, and airing up while out and about. Reliable, fast, and all in a great carry bag.

Amazing Dirt-Catching Mat

This thing rocks! And it catches small rocks too! Sandspurs, dirt, sand, anything the cat or kids drag in.  The bad stuff falls through the grid onto the bottom surface, and you can just take it outside to shake out or hose off.  See our video about it here!

Acrylic Tape - Clear, double-sided

This stuff helps you stick anything anywhere, and comes in this bulk 450" roll! Cut only what you need, which is often very little!

LevelMate Pro+

"Wait, he can park it level while he's in the truck?" Yes, yes you can! Whether you have stabilizers, a leveling system, or just the tongue jack, this device makes getting level a breeze!

LightDims Light Dimming LED covers

Got a super bright "standby" light on the TV in the bedroom all night? Put one of these stickers over it! Alarm clock too bright? Dim it!

Katchy Indoor Insect Trap

This bad boy sucks in the little fruit flies and small insects that get inside the RV. The light draws them, the fan pulls them in, and a sticky pad at the bottom traps them. No fuss, no mess, it just works.

Hughes Power Watchdog - 50A Surge Protector

Protect your RV! This stops surges, and if you do get one, you can replace a small component in the device instead of the entire protector. Some models have Bluetooth power monitoring too!

Hughes Autoformer Voltage Booster with Surge Protection - 50 amp

Why? RV parks can often have dips in voltage which are BAD for your RV's systems.  This boosts low voltage and also protects from surges. 

  Camco Adjustable Drink Holder

Stick one of these at each end of your living room slide/sofa area or bedside for the 3am sip of water, and wonder where they've been all your life.

Wireless Dual Camera System

We use this camera system on the rear of our RV and in our truck bed to help hitching our 5th wheel.

Camco RV Vent/Skylight Insulator/Cover

These keep the heat out and cool in during summer - or cool out and heat in during the winter!

Lynx Leveling Blocks (Levelers) - 10 pack

We've purchased a couple sets over the years because they're useful under stabilizers, front fifth-wheel legs, and under tires to help on uneven parking spots. Haven't had one fail or need replacing in 3 years so far!

Lynx Leveler Tops/Caps

These make a solid flat surface atop your Lynx blocks, so something with an unusual or small-shaped "foot" doesn't have to be supported by various parts of the block tops.  The cover simply drops onto the top of a block and makes a nice even surface for full-contact.

Water Pressure Regulator

Go with a solid adjustable regulator!

You'll be able to adjust it up or down when necessary, and this one differs from others in that you can do it by HAND without any tools!

Rubber Chocks

Don't get cheap plastic chocks!!! 

You want these - solid, heavy duty rubber chocks that the sun won't make brittle and breakable in one season!


Might not need to touch your jack!

In the nightmare of a blowout or flat, this thing is a dream! With a dual-axle trailer, this lets you raise one side of it simply by driving the good tire up onto the Trailer-Aid ramp.  We've used ours a couple times and never leave home without it!